Beautiful Bonnie Jean

I'm Bonnie Jean, designer and owner of Beautiful Jean feather accessories and fine jewelry.  I have been creating with feathers since 2008, and primarily focus on sourcing local cruelty free, naturally molted feathers from pet bird owners.   I like to know where the feathers are coming from, the name of the bird, the bird owners and be able to share this with my work.  I started creating feather hair pieces for my self adornment, and it's an honor to share my beautiful creations and art with you.

I am inspired by the perfection of nature, the detailed and refined world of flowers, the balance and eye pleasing arrangement of flower bouquets, the play of colors and light, the experience of looking at something beautiful and feeling blessed and inspired, and most of all by the depth of joy when falling in love.

My work is elegant, detailed, whimsical, playful, refined and most of all beautiful and one of a kind.  I live and work from my homebase of Carmel, CA.  All my pieces are one of kind, and I am available for custom orders and bridal wear.   

Feathers embody and speak of courage, honor, a feeling of soaring above it, letting go, landing and freedom of flight.  

Discover your wings and fly!
In compassion, 
Bonnie Jean 

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